Hana and Christi are sister-in-laws who have had a dream of opening a preschool together since they met over 10 years ago. Hana and Christi have attended research-based Nature Explore trainings that support comprehensive learning with nature. They are working towards making Treehouse Tots Preschool a Nature Explore Certified Classroom. They have both completed over 15 hours of health and safety training that includes: Pediatric First Aid, Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Preventive Health Practices. They have been thrilled to bring on two teachers who both help to make Treehouse Tots a sunny place.

Christi Lewkow

Christi’s passion of both teaching children & the great outdoors began early on as she grew up in a small town in the Midwest. Her childhood days were spent exploring nature, whether it be running around barefoot catching ‘mudbugs’, building tree forts, putting on neighborhood plays or helping her mom in the garden.

Hana Lewkow

Hana received her B.A. in Child Development from San Diego State University in 2011. At San Diego State, Hana gained experience through hands on learning at their Reggio Emilia inspired Child Development Center. After graduating, Hana worked as a head teacher for 3 years at a preschool and development center in La Jolla

Pauline Sauer-Groman

Pauline Sauer Groman is proud to hail from Prague, Czech Republic, but still feels right at home here in LA! Pauline is a Libra and loves a fine Petit Verdot, anything with sushi, and Michael Jackson karaoke. Now that the important stuff is out of the way, on to the boring details…Pauline graduated from California State University

Dominique Savoy

My love for children began when I was just a child myself and was known as “the pied piper of kids”. At the age of 10, I was already taking care of neighbors, friends, and families’ children alike. Starting as just a babysitter the ability to work with children in many different settings became a great passion for me.