At Treehouse Tots Preschool, we implement a blended emergent curriculum using Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum, Nature-based learning and a Play-Based curriculum. Teachers take note of what children are engaged in and create learning opportunities based on the children’s interests. It is the role of the teacher to thoughtfully listen to children as they play, determine their deep interests and then offer to them a plan (the curriculum) that will enable them to choose the next direction their learning will take.

Emergent curriculum is not something that is rigid. It is playful, flexible and open-ended and continues to grow as children and teachers live and work it. Emergent curriculum gives adults the opportunity to explore, expand and bring real meaning to the questions of a child.

When we really listen to children and nurture and encourage their play we are helping to create strong, confident, creative members and future leaders of our community.

The following are some of the beliefs about the child that are inherent to our philosophy:

  • Children are capable, competent, curious and creative.
  • Children are natural researchers – they question what they see,hypothesize solutions, predict outcomes, experiment, reflect on and represent their discoveries.
  • Children are active, self-motivated learners seeking to understand the world in which they live, and learn when supported through adult interactions.
  • Children learn by sharing their thinking with peers and adults
    The child is viewed as one being as a whole with infinite languages to communicate meaning and understanding.