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About our School

The History

Treehouse Tots Preschool was founded by Hana and Christi Lewkow in 2013. Hana and Christi are very passionate about giving children an early start toward the love of learning, nature and health. As part of this philosophy, they incorporate Reggio inspired learning experiences and organic and natural foods into the curriculum. Additionally, they use natural and green cleaning products. Parents loved Hana and Christi's approach to learning for their children and the number of applicants quickly outgrew their capacity. To meet this need, on September 6, 2017 they opened up the doors to their second classroom, doubling in size

Our Mission

The Treehouse Tot's mission is to provide a unique and enriching preschool experience through quality care, organic and healthy foods, and attention to detail. Here at Treehouse Tots Preschool we want to change the perception of what “daycare” should be and to far exceed the expectations of parents. We believe that your child deserves the best care and attention and we want their earliest memories to be filled with happy and enriching experiences!

Now serving children 2.4 - 5 years of age to the Culver City, Playa Vista and Westchester areas.

Our Staff


Hana and Christi are sister-in-laws who have had a dream of opening a preschool together since they met over 10 years ago. Hana and Christi have attended research-based Nature Explore trainings that support comprehensive learning with nature.

Christi Lewkow

Christi’s passion of both teaching children & the great outdoors began early on as she grew up in a small town in the Midwest.

Hana Lewkow

Hana received her B.A. in Child Development from San Diego State University in 2011.

Pauline Sauer-Groman

Pauline Sauer Groman is proud to hail from Prague, Czech Republic, but still feels right at home here in LA!

Esbeyde Garcia

Esbeyde is passionate about teaching a child-lead and play based curriculum that emphasizes learning through play and interactions with the natural environment.

Our Enrichment Programs

Here are some of our enrichment programs. Click a link below to view its info.

Learning through Music Soccer Shots Yoga Growing Foods Program Baking & Cooking Young Ninjas Karate