Little Chefs in the kitchen!

Yoga Class at Treehouse Tots!
March 5, 2015
Excited to announce our feature in Voyage LA Magazine!
March 10, 2017

Our little chefs prepared homemade pizzas from scratch!  For the pizza sauce we peeled garlic, chopped & seasoned the tomatoes, and then roasted them in the oven before blending it into sauce. For the dough we measured wet & dry ingredients and then mixed it together. After letting the dough rise, we kneaded it and rolled it into personal pizzas (some friends even rolled theirs into heart shaped pizzas). We topped our dough off with sauce, cheese and pepperoni. We folded real pizza boxes & listened to Italian music while we waited for the pizzas to cook to perfection! Bon Appétit!

We love cooking together at school. Cooking with preschoolers can them learn and practice some basic math concepts (measuring flour, counting eggs) and build language skills (reading over the recipe and introducing new words). We have found that children are more likely to try new foods when they are using their own hands to prepare the meal (especially when the ingredients come from our garden). Cooking at school is not only fun,  but it can help to lay a foundation for healthy eating habits.

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